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Pastor of English Ministry

Nestled in a suburban community in the northern region of Delaware is an English speaking congregation within a church founded by Chinese immigrants.  Over the decades, slow but steady progress grew this congregation into not just a band of middle and high schoolers but also some college students and a growing circle of adult believers and seekers.  This congregation encompasses first, second, and third generation Asian immigrants as well as some non-Asian Americans. Cross-cultural couples also make up an important ministry focus.  

For this reason, someone with a Chinese background, experience as a missionary in an Asian context, or in ministry in an Asian context would be beneficial. Someone with experience in a cross cultural environment may be considered.

The key responsibilities of this position involve preaching and teaching, conducting ordinances, (e.g., baptism, Holy Communion, etc.), discipleship/training lay leaders, visitation, counseling, servant leadership and extending hospitality to people.

The expectation is that the pastor should preach as well as plan and execute curriculum and events in alignment with the English Ministry mission. He should also review the ministry progress with the board and lay leaders. The pastor will need to be a team player and a communicator.  It is not expected that the pastor will do everything himself, but he must be able to train and equip coworkers and delegate responsibilities. The pastor would find the time to connect with both believers and seekers outside of church activities.  The pastor’s family should become an important part of this family of God.  The pastor is also expected to collaborate with the youth pastor and all lay English Ministry co-workers. He is also to coordinate events with the Mandarin Ministry Pastor and the Children’s Ministry Director. 

 Outside of the heart of a shepherd, love of connecting with people, and love of learning, organizational skill is an important criteria in this position. It is expected that in the interview process, the prospective candidate provides a self-evaluation on his strengths and weaknesses as a pastor and as a team player.  

     Founded in 1981, Wilmington Community Evangelical Church (WCEC) is a bi-cultural and bilingual (Mandarin Chinese and English) church committed to building up the kingdom of God among the Chinese and friends of the Chinese in northern Delaware and the surrounding Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Average Sunday attendance prior to Covid was around 360 of which ~75 people attend the English Sunday service.  A typical English Sunday service includes youth, parents of the youth, college students, young professionals, and adults. The church currently has a Mandarin Ministry Pastor, a part-time Mandarin Campus Ministry Minister, a Youth Ministry Pastor and a Children’s Ministry Director.

Average attendance at the weekly youth ministry Friday activity prior to Covid was about 50. There are some college students from the University of Delaware. The adults meet at Sunday school, at a weekly Bible study, and at a monthly Cross-Cultural Couples Fellowship. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is an advantage but not a necessary qualification of the candidate.  

The vision of the church is “Mission and Church Planting 宣教與拓植”. Two churches have been planted: West Chester, PA [West Chester Chinese Evangelical Church  威徹斯特主恩堂] and Bear, DE [New Castle Chinese Evangelical Church  新城主恩堂] in 2000 and 2007, respectively, with steady growth witnessed in both. 

The current mission statement for the English congregation: To forge a purposeful and vibrant church that bridges Asian American Christians to the local community through meaningful service and engagement. (under review)

General Qualifications

  • Evangelical faith 
  • Education: Master of Divinity
  • Agreement with WCEC’s statement of faith
  • Prior experience with Chinese culture is preferred, experience in a cross cultural environment is required
  • Some experience in counseling
  • Ability to train lay leaders

Personal Characteristics

  • Passionate about living a life of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Enjoys connecting with people of all ages
  • Practices hospitality frequently
  • Love of learning and teaching

Ministry Experiences

  • Preaching and planning sermon calendar with input from EM Leadership Team
  • Leading seekers to become believers
  • One-on-one discipleship 
  • Developing lay leaders
  • Provide words and acts of comfort and encouragement to individuals
  • Experience in ministry to college students, post-college young adults and/or young married couples would be beneficial

Specific Responsibilities

  • Share the pulpit responsibility.
  • With key elders, deacons, and coworkers, plan and execute the ministry in accordance with the mission statement.
  • Evaluate and report progress and missed opportunities.  
  • Affirm in others any evidence of improvement.  
  • Identify areas in need of change, with oneself and with others.
  • Encourage, support and train coworkers. Recruit new ones.
  • Know the spiritual, physical, mental, and social needs and strengths of all members and regulars.
  • Define and track personal discipleship progress with all adults.
  • Organize meetings with coworkers.  
  • Attend church-wide ministry meetings, such as monthly meetings of the church Board of Elders and Deacons, etc.   
  • Work with church Elders and Pastors to plan and pray for the overall vision and growth of the church and address important issues which affect the whole church
  • Foster connections with the local network of pastors and churches.  
  • Help connect our church to the local community of churches and Christian organizations, especially when such connections add to our church’s meaningful service and engagement in the local community.

Contact Information: Please send your resume to Michael Battalora <battalora@yahoo.com>.




2020黄子嘉牧师培网上灵会 (讲义,音频,视频)

11/6 周五晚上 7:30 聖靈的重生与成聖
11/7 周六早上 9:30 聖靈的洗与聖靈重生
11/7 周六晚上 7:30 被聖靈充滿的意義
11/8 主日早上 11:00 耶和華是我的避難所



课程录音 – Anchor


Antibacterial hand gel and face masks. Coronavirus protection.



Gingerbread Family




10/22周四,或 10/24周六

请选其一最适合您的日期 在 9/30之前 向刘清莉老师注册



  • 10/23 周五@ 7:30pm (美东时间)生命中有一种绝对
  • 10/24 周六@ 7:30pm (美东时间)地上无声蒸发我的泪
  • 10/25 周日@ 11am   (美东时间) 直到约定融化成笑颜 





王星然 – 不太老的长老,服事于密西根兰莘华人基督教会,MSU学生事工。曾是媒体人,在台湾主持过多年的节目,对文化有敏锐的嗅觉。现任职于政府部门,隐居在密西根乡下。爱看电影,爱听音乐,爱读小说,爱写文章,生活不只眼前的苟且,还有诗和远方的田野……。爱思考文化和信仰的关系,爱挖掘人性背后拒绝上帝的原因,爱与人分享耶稣——祂是道路、真理、和生命。 OC 海外校园举目专栏作者,著有《隐藏在爆米花里的思潮》一书。

主恩堂中文崇拜复开 – 注意事项





  • 成人主日学时间改为早上九点至十点十五分。
  • 教会八月开始逐步恢复实体崇拜。 为了遵守州政府和CDC的规定,也为了会众的安全, 特设立以下条件:
    • 凡年纪65岁以上者, 不建议参加实体崇拜
    • 凡身体有基础病者, 不建议参加实体崇拜
    • 凡14天内有外出者,不建议参加实体崇拜
    • 须提前网上注册(注册表之后会发)
  • 八月份中文部崇拜会众人数每个主日限制在30人
  • 在主日上午10:45之前抵達教堂,在大門前排队(6英尺社交距离),  依次測体温(99.5°F or 37.5°C以上不能进入教会)
  • 进入大堂前使用好卫生间,崇拜过程中尽量避免出入;如有需要,使用指定的卫生间,且同时使用不超过两人
  • 遵守社交距離要求(至少6英尺)
  • 在教堂內全程戴口罩 (2岁以下不需要)
  • 不要共用周報,詩歌本等
  • 遵守招待同工指示(包括到达,就座和离开)
  • 停留在特定的区域
  • 崇拜結束后,在下午1点之前,离开教会。
  • 注意: 教会暂时没有幼儿看顾和儿童主日节目。若小孩子来参加,必须全程与父母家人坐在一起,若需要的话,教会儿童事工部有給他们准备封装的Goody bag。


AWANA户外闭幕典礼 – 7/13

时间:7/13 晚上 7-8:15。若下雨,延至7/14

活动包括:颁奖、AWANA商店及注册AWANA 2020-2021

  • 儿童们,请记得带AWANA纸币去AWANA商店


主恩堂Loving Actions阶段总结报告


COVID-19 疫情爱心行动阶段总结报告(3/27-6/28/2020)


  • 物资捐献价值: 约 $20,000.00
  • 奉献金钱总收入: $91,701.00
  • 采购物资总支出: $72,669.51
  • 目前结余: 约 $19,000.00
  • 采购/捐献物资种类 –
    • 口罩:N95,KN95,医用外科口罩等……
    • 消毒用品:清洁剂,纸巾/棉垫,手套……
    • 防护用品:面罩,防护衣……
  • 捐献物资对象:
    • 大型医学中心,社区医院诊所……
    • 长期照护复健中心,老人院,老人公寓……
    • 政府单位,警消机构,监狱……
    • 慈善组织,流浪者庇护所……

我实在告诉你们,这些事你们既做在我这弟兄中一个最小的身上,就是做在我身上了。 (马太福音 25:40)